Backpacker Moto: The Book? (Update)

Momentum is building… two publishers have come to my door… I am getting quietly excited… this might just happen!

For those who’ve read a part/all of the ride report, what would you like to see in a book version? Some possibilities…

1) More flashbacks.
2) More photos.
3) Heavy photos/heavy prose, heavy photos/light prose, or light photos/heavy prose.
4) More trip details, particularly of the people I encountered.
5) Less words, I’m long winded enough already.

Replies, thoughts, criticisms are all welcome, either on the post comments or through the Contact Page. I will be very grateful for any and all feedback.

Update: After much back and forth, looks like The Book is a GO! Please like the BPM Facebook page or sign up for the Tank Bag (right column of this page) to get all the latest updates!

The future?

8 thoughts on “Backpacker Moto: The Book? (Update)”

  1. you’re a very talented writer, I think this will make an amazing book. make it happen, man, make it happen!!

    1. I appreciate the support, and I saw that you’re doing a ride along the Columbia River! I love that road towards Cascade Locks, very beautiful. Enjoy!

  2. I truly hope this will happen. I cannot aspire to make a journey like this – too old and frail. But I can, and did, read Backpacker Moto on line and thoroughly enjoyed the journey through someone else’s eyes and words. Backpacker Moto : The Book with even more content would be wonderful. I will buy it.

    1. As ever, your words and support mean so very much. Thank you my friend, and I will see you soon enough whenever our travel paths next cross!

  3. I really like the flashbacks that you used in this narrative. Photos are beautiful.

    I think maybe you should think about adding in some more about the people you encountered along the way. You hint at many of them, extra details would be nice.

    Good luck! Hope it happens!

  4. well done man, i hope this happens for you. really like your writing style and the stories you told. too many guys takes themselves too seriously, your a good combo of being lighthearted but with a quiet message

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