Election Cycle: BPM’s Next Bike?

I’ve been home from my South American adventure for six months now, and it simultaneously feels like six days ago and also six years ago.

Six days, because all of the sensations and experiences are still so readily accessible, at the front of my mind, endlessly seeking to work their way into casual conversation. “Wow, that’s exciting news about your daughter’s kindergarten graduation party. It reminds me of when I was on Ruta 40 and my KLR threw its chain for the eighth time that day.”

Six years, because I feel like a grounded fighter pilot clenching his teeth in frustration. Gotta get back in the war, man. Gotta get back in the sky (errr, on the road).

So of course, I kill time like all grounded pilots. I spend absurd amounts of time perusing motorcycle websites, adventure travel sites, unfurling maps on the coffee table, plotting the next mission.

And, figuring out what bike gets purchased next.

That has been my hyper-focus since I returned from South America. What’s gonna be added to the hangar? So, with mid-term elections approaching (not that I give a rat’s ass, burn all of them in one big fire for all I care), I feel that it’s thematically time to Meet The Candidates.

Since I’m not limited to just “one bike to rule them all”, the options are wide open and as varied as my riding moods, as exhibited by this eclectic quartet. In the forthcoming days, we’ll have a chance to dig the skeletons out of the closets of each of these worthy contenders (actually, I’ve already done that) but for now, let’s see if any of them are easy on the eyes.

bpm_fz09The Democrat: Yamaha FZ-09

bpm_bmwThe Republican: BMW G650GS

bpm_ktmThe Independent: KTM 690 Enduro

The Labour Party: Triumph Bonneville T100

2 thoughts on “Election Cycle: BPM’s Next Bike?”

  1. Those are four great bikes! Any one of them would put the smile on the face. Me, I love those BMW thumpers. Just a great do it all ride.

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