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Review: Antigravity Battery RESTART

When you choose to ride all alone into some of the most remote corners of the planet, it can be difficult to explain to people just how critically important it is to have reliable equipment that never gives you a problem. Your bike is your life, and that is not an exaggeration.

So, when a piece of equipment performs beyond my expectations under severely difficult conditions, I’m gonna give a shout-out. I had many immensely challenging days in the mud, many days of multiple river crossings (28 crossings in one particularly soggy day), so there were plenty of times when I mercilessly flogged my battery 100-150 times a day, as I slugged the bike inch by inch out of the muck, or across powerfully strong currents.

I purchased a full priced Antigravity ATZ-7* Restart battery about six months prior to my trip, and used it for 4000 miles of mostly off-road adventuring before taking it on my Trans Asia Endeavour and piling up another 10,000 miles of off-road abuse.

It never missed a beat. In brutally harsh environments of thousands upon thousands of off-road miles, oftentimes in places where there were no roads at all, the bike always fired straight to life. When you’re standing in a waist-deep river of water that very recently was ice and snow, trying to power-walk your bike across without falling in, those are the moments when you need your equipment to work, every time. The Antigravity battery performed flawlessly, even on the mornings when I awoke to sub-freezing temperatures.

I don’t bother writing reviews except on the rarest of occasions when I’m so impressed that it motivates me to get to the keyboard. Thanks to Chad at Antigravity Batteries for his initial consultation and for a lightweight lithium battery (3 lbs 12 oz lighter than OEM) that held up to the rigors of my route through Turkey, Republic of Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Siberia and Mongolia.

* As of January 2020, Antigravity now recommends the new AT-7B-BS for the Suzuki DR-Z400.

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