Trans Asia Endeavour


LATEST UPDATE: December 12, 2023

First Edition copies are a complete sell out!

And after THREE re-supplies at Vroman’s Pasadena, there are no more copies available of the First Edition; unsigned and signed copies are all sold.

Again, my thanks to everyone, particularly those who purchased from Vroman’s, which is the oldest and largest independent bookstore in southern California. It’s been truly overwhelming how many of you chose to support both them and me.

As ever, the eBook is available here on this website: visit The Store to get a downloadable copy.

The SECOND EDITION is well underway. Unlike the First Edition and its 40 color pages, the Second Edition will be entirely black and white, but will include some extra photos! I have also rewritten certain sections and caught a few more damnable typos. Expected availability is Q2 2024.

UPDATE: December 2, 2021

Founded in 1894, Vroman’s of Pasadena is the oldest and largest independent bookstore in southern California. As a four-eyed bookworm of a young boy, I remember my exultation every time I conned my mother into taking me to Vroman’s. All the stories, all the tales, all the adventures, waiting on the shelves for me to explore.

Beyond doubt, I know that many of you had similar experiences at whatever small bookstore was nearest to your childhood home.

I am quite humbled that the First Edition of The Trans Asia Endeavour is now available, both on the shelves and online, at Vroman’s of Pasadena. For a limited time, it is being offered at a special price of $19.99.

If you’re a SoCal local, perhaps make a trip to the Pasadena main store or its satellite Hastings Ranch location.

Whether it’s online or in-person, my book or any book, please consider buying your next one from an independent store. More than ever, they need our support.

Two nostalgic classics, hanging out.
Bourdain, riding my coattails.

UPDATE: October 22, 2021

All of the First Edition books have shipped out! Thanks so much to all the enlightened, patient individuals who chose to go on this adventure.

Please, be sure to leave your reviews (good, bad or indifferent) on THIS PAGE.

UPDATE: October 4, 2021

SHIPPING IS UNDERWAY! Keep an eye on your front porches, as First Edition print copies of The Trans Asia Endeavour have begun to ship!

UPDATE: September 2, 2021

Great news! The Trans Asia Endeavour has printed!

Now, we just wait for the book to be bound and shipped out! The bindery is a bit behind this month (short on glue, who knew?), but it’s their hope that the First Edition should be in the hands of the fulfillment company by mid-month.

Thanks all!

UPDATE: May 11, 2021

Ebook distribution is underway! It began on May 7th and every day since then, another batch of 100 emails has gone out, each with the BookFunnel link to download the eBook file.

There was a slight snafu on Sunday the 9th; only about half of that day’s files got distributed. Not to fear, that issue has been addressed.

The staggered release strategy has been working well. Again, while I’d have preferred to send all of the emails in one massive bunch on one single day, limiting it to 100 per day has kept the troubleshooting under control. The process is taking a few more days than anticipated, as it stands the final batch should be delivered on May 20.

Thanks to those who’ve been patient and also to those who’ve been leaving reviews on the BPM Store page, they are greatly appreciated! Go HERE and scroll to the bottom to add yours! I will do my best to respond to each and every review, but it may take a little while as I try to keep up!

UPDATE: April 30, 2021

Huge thanks to everyone who assisted in the testing of the eBook distribution app! It was both successful and illuminating. The download process was seamless for about 85% of the volunteers, which was very encouraging. 

I learned the most from the 15% who had troubles, and having identified some commonalities, I’ve been working hard to tidy up the process to address those issues. 

As a result, I’m bumping the pre-release of the eBook until May 7, 2021. Also, such is the sheer volume of pre-orders, I’ve decided to stagger the release over several days. With hundreds upon hundreds of eBook files to deliver, if there were to be any unexpected problems with the distribution, I don’t wish to get hammered with trying to solve all of them on a single day. 

As for the First Edition print version, the proofs have been approved. Shortly after that date, I will receive some bound samples of the final product, and once those are accepted, the printer will commence with the whole run. 

I would rather repeat myself than be guilty of poor manners, so once again, my sincerest gratitude to everyone for their support and patience.


In these past months, I’ve spent much of my time by volunteering to deliver high priority prescriptions to assisted living facilities, to seniors who are self-quarantined at home, while also making deliveries for local veterinary clinics. I decided that my Ducati Monster 796 was the utterly illogical but perfectly sensible choice for these missions. 

I chose wisely. Many of my deliveries go to folks who are hard of hearing, but with the Desmo roaring and the Termignonis spitting fire, there’s never any doubt in their minds that, yes indeed, here comes Jeff with the medication. My favorite comment came from an 87 year old woman who challenged the Monster to an indoor duel against her electric mobility device. “I’ll whup your butt if we race from my kitchen to the living room!” she declared confidently. I forfeited on the spot.

I’ve been mightily impressed by the attitudes of these elderly people. Fearless, brave, and armed with a lifetime of common sense and perspective, none of them are cowered or frightened by all that’s transpired, even though they are the most at risk. Defiant and determined is how I’d describe the lot of ’em. 

News on The Trans Asia Endeavour: I’ve been in frequent contact with the printing company during these past weeks. Just recently, they announced that they were resuming operations at 75% capacity. That was the good news. Less encouraging was the unsurprising information that they have months of backlogged orders that are competing with a flood of new orders, all to be prioritized by urgency, importance, and size. 

While it’s another delay, at least there is now a very rough timetable. I know they are working as best and as hard as they can, and since I’ve always been pleased with their professionalism, I’m sticking with them instead of looking elsewhere. 

As I have previously stated, if the delay is unacceptable, please contact me if you’d prefer a refund for your pre-order. I am grateful to all who have expressed continued support and patience. 


  1. I would love to read more of your wonderful tales. As a brand new Adventure rider I will need any help I can to understand what mistakes I will undoubtedly make on my own journeys.

    • TJ! Good news! I’ve made so many mistakes myself that I’ve learned a thing or two that I’ll share in a dedicated section of the book. There are so many ways to adventure ride, so many different philosophies, it’s all about finding the bike and the system that work for you. Ride safe!

  2. Fernando Martin

    As an Argentinian, I felt compelled to read your 2014 Patagonia trip… Man, your writing is incredible, I was riding with you the whole time… enjoying those landscapes and long solo rides (something I usually fail to explain to fellow motorists who love to ride in giant groups of 14-15 bikes), worrying about the bike’s chain and sprockets… Also as an Argentinian, I will have to settle with the ebook, I would love a signed hard copy but unfortunately those tends to get lost in the mail here.
    Following you on Instagram and Facebook, looking forward to your next post!

    • Fernando, my gratitude for such kind words. I so enjoyed my Patagonia adventure, what a stunningly beautiful part of the world.

      I’m grateful for your support of the upcoming book, it is moving along at a good pace! I’m eager to get it into people’s hands (or onto their devices).

      Warm regards, Jeff / BPM

  3. Your narrative of Mongolia brings back many memories of my trip. A few years ago I spent nearmy a month on a rental Yamaha traveling Mongolia solo. It is an incredible country filled with great (mostly) people.
    I’ve no doubt that your book will be great reading on cold Montana nights.

    • Thank you Kelly! You’re so right, Mongolia really is a magical place.

      I’m in the Tetons myself (Idaho-Wyoming border), I know the value of good reading on those downright chilly, but beautiful evenings.

  4. Yay! I’ve enjoyed your writing. (Where is wheelie emoji????)

  5. You are an extremely talented storyteller, and your exemplary writing stands out in today’s age of social media. This is fantastic news, I will be buying one of your first editions!

  6. Same as the others, sign me up for a first edition!

  7. Your writing is extraordinary, I can’t wait for your book to come out! Love the way that you put the reader in the moment.

  8. Sign me up for a signed copy! Fantastic news!

  9. I look forward to reading this book!!

  10. Can’t wait to get my hands on the book!

  11. You’ve made my day . Cannot wait to stain the pages with my oily mitts (a limey term) 🤗

    • Thanks, Tony! No fear, I have many limey friends, most of them with oily mitts! My sincere gratitude for your kind words and encouragement. – Jeff

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